Kelmer staff makes available to its customers its tens of years expertise in conducting tests, to provide an efficient consulting service in the measurement planning stage and selecting the most effective to succeed in the measurement.

Technical assistance

Our service is designed to support customers to resolve technical and application issues that may arise on field during starting up phase.


The measurement chain supplied to the customer is always accompanied by certificates agreed as in the order.

Periodic calibration

The measurement chain, after its installation, requires periodic calibration checks. Kelmer performs this activity at the customer plant and offers a plan for periodic calibration which ensures the metrological traceability of measurement to national samples, which is a basic requirement to comply to the Quality System regulations.

Each instrument is supplied with a calibration certificate issued by the manufacturer. Equipment must be calibrated or verified at specified time intervals, compared to international or national, as required by the standard ISO.
Kelmer offers its customers the possibility, upon request, a calibration and verification service with specialized personnel and certified instruments.

Training courses

To facilitate maintenance of the measurement system to the customer, Kelmer provides training on its instruments and on procedures for keeping the equipment in perfect working order and be able to identify possible causes of any malfunctioning.
Our training courses, offered both in Kelmer that in the customer plant, are designed to provide the participants with the highest possible level of knowledge on how to get the most from our products.

Customer service non stop

Kelmer staff and organization are always ready to support our customers in any case of difficulties or doubts when operating the instruments, also with a quick replacement of the defective-working part.

Calibration master

Any company certification systems requires the measuring instruments to be checked, according to certain time intervals, to ensure that the measurement system preserve its original features and is not degraded with use.
To make customers independent in this checking activity, Kelmer can provide the control chain, which consists of the instrument and transducer together with SIT certification or equivalent.
Often the master transducer should be housed and fixed to a mechanical part and Kelmer takes care of this activity to ensure the customer a simple and safe use of the MASTER transducer.