Comeca Group has the following operating units:

- The first located in Sommariva del Bosco in Strada Torino, 38 consists of n. 2 warehouses for a total of 3,000 square meters and an uncovered area of ​​about 10,000 square meters

This area consists of n. 6 overhead cranes with capacities ranging from 50 to 200 quintals; an assembly department for equipment in general; a carpentry department, a production department where the machine tools reside, the list of which is attached to this document, and a testing department where a control machine complete with PC with printer and CTR program for self-certification according to the European regulations in force is installed .

A mechanical design technical office called CO.ME.CA PROGETTAZIONE with n. 5 design technicians and n. 2 CAD stations (INVENTOR 2021 SYSTEM, Autocad 2021) with related inkjet plotter. E-mail address: The technical office manager is Mr. Gallo Matteo and Mr. Rossano Luigi. They are employed in the offices of Sommariva Bosco n. 29 skilled workers, whose workshop manager is Mr. Michele Grenci

-The second operational units are based in Carmagnola in Via Monforte, 2 and Via Sommariva 39/6 and currently occupy n. 21 employees with a total covered area of 2,500 sq. M.

This unit including a carpentry department, an assembly department, n. 2 sheds where the machine tools are located, the list of which is attached to this letter, and a testing department.

The person in charge of the assembly inside the workshops and Mr. Fumero Domenico; as regards the assembly / overhaul of special machines for Italian and foreign customers, the technical manager and Mr. Vanzetti Pierangelo and Mr. Donà Argentino.